Neotea Karpooravalli Coleus Amboinicus Powder 300 gm


>Natural &100%vegetarian product
>Helps in digestion if stomach is upset.
>Used in cooking and flavouring of dishes.
>Karpooravalli is also planted to keep aedes mosquitoes away in tropical o countries. Helps to alleviate cold and cough.
>Package Content: 1 Karpooravalli Coleus Amboinicus Powder

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Karpooravalli is a tender, fleshy plant with an oregano like flavor that has amazing health benefits and medicinal uses. Its botanical name is plectranthus amboinicus. One can easily grow these plants in pots, as it doesn ‘t require much maintenance. But this plant cant be grown indoors, as it needs plenty of sunlight. Usage for cough: this powder is taken with honey three to four times a day for a couple of days. This takes care of cold, cough, and phlegm and clears the airway passage.

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