Neotea Amman Pacharisi Euphorbia Hirta Powder 300 gm


>Maintains body health
>Used as a natural remedy
>100 percent pure and natural herbs in powder form contains herbal values
>Package content: 1 amman pacharisi

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The plants are annual or perennial herbs, woody shrubs or trees with a caustic the roots are fine or thick and fleshy or tuberous. Many species are more or less succulent, thorny or unarmed. The main stem and mostly also the side arms of the succulent species are thick and fleshy, 15 91 cm tall. The plant also contains beta-carotene, vitamin c and phenolics. Euphorbia is widely used to clear up the respiratory tract and for the treatment of asthma. It has a Broncho-dilatory effect that helps to relieve the symptoms of most respiratory diseases. The root of the plant also possesses anti-emetic properties and can combat vomiting. As mentioned earlier, although the leaves, flowers and roots possess medicinal properties, the latex is quite poisonous and can cause damage to the skin or any other surface of the body. Botanical name: Euphorbia thymifolia. English name: Snake weed. Tamil name: Amman pacharisi. Hindi name: Dudhiya. Malayalam name: Nela paalai. Telugu name: Reddine narolu.

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