Neotea ashoka pattai powder (saraca indica), 300g the ashoka has luscious foliage and beautiful orange-yellow flowers. The flower bunches are bright, heavy and fragrant. The tree is found in the indian subcontinent, particularly close to the foothills of the western ghats. Ashoka tree is considered sacred throughout nepal, india, and sri lanka. It has strong religious associations.The tree has many medicinal qualities .Needless to say, dried stem, bark and flowers from the tree find applications in many areas. Tonics and capsules made from seeds, flowers, and bark, are widely used in india for treating a variety of health conditions. Botanical name :saraca asoca english name :ashoka tree tamil name :asoka mara pattai hindi name:ashok tree malayalam name: asokam tree telugu name:sokanam tree

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Dimensions 13 × 10 × 10 cm


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