Neotea Banyan Fruit, Aalam Palam Powder 300gm


>Regular consumption of this powder will help kids grow taller and stronger
>Thin people will gain muscle; older people will regain lost vitality and have more energy
>Skin color will improve
>Intelligence and memory power will also improve regular usage for 1-year will make anyone fit and strong for their entire lifetime
>Package Content: 1 Banyan Fruit

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Banyan trees are one of the largest trees in the world and grow up to 20-25 meeting with branches spreading up to 100 meeting it has a massive trunk that has smooth greyish brown bark and is fluted. They have very powerful roots names in different languages: English- banyan tree Hindi- bad, bargad, baragad kannada- alada Mara, aala, vatavruksha assamese- vat, ahat, vatgach Bengali- bat, bat bariksh Guajarati- vad Kashmiri- bad Malayalam- peroal Marathi- vad oriya- bata, bara Punjabi- bhod, bhaur Tamil- ala, alai, aala telugu- peddamari, marri cheddu urudu- bad, bargud.

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