Neotea Natural Banyan Root Powder 300 gm


>To improve facial glow ,prevents heart disease, prevents cancer, boost immunity
>Cures ear problems, maintains good vision
>Treatment for hair problems, reduces respiratory problems
>Good for tooth problems it can be used topically on areas of discoloration to encourage an even complexion
>Package Content: 1 Natural Banyan Root Powder

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Banyan tree, which is also referred to as wish fulfilling’ tree in India, is easy to identify by its aerial roots and broad leaves. Different parts of the tree, such as latex, leaf buds, barks and even fruits also have tremendous benefits on health, skin and hair. Names in different languages: English- banyan tree Hindi- bad, bargad, baragad kannada- alada Mara, aala, vatavruksha assamese- vat, ahat, vatgach Bengali- bat, bat bariksh Guajarati- vad Kashmiri- bad Malayalam- peroal Marathi- vad oriya- bata, bara Punjabi- bhod, bhaur Tamil- ala, alai, aala telugu- peddamari, marri cheddu urudu- bad, bargud.

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