Neotea Nettilinkam Ashoka Polyalthia Longifolia Seed Powder 300 gm


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Polyalthia longifolia’s common names include false ashoka, the buddha tree, indian mast tree, and indian fir tree. Its names in other languages include ashoka or devadaru in sanskrit, debdaru in bengali and hindi, asopalav (gujarati), glodogan tiang (indonesian), devdar in marathi and nettilinkam in tamil, and aranamaram: അരണമരം (malayalam). There are two important traditions associated with the tree in india (presumably in its full, untrimmed, form with spreading branches), one being of sita taking shelter in the shade of ashoka when in captivity (found in the ramayana) and another that of the ashoka tree requiring a kick from a beautiful woman on spring festival day before it would bloom (in the malavikagnimitra, for example). However, these associations are linked to the real ashoka tree not the false ashoka tree (polyalthia longifolia)

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