Neotea Nutrition Noni Fruit Extract Powder Morinda Citrifolian 300 gm


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>Package Content: 1 Nochi or Nirgundi Powder

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Noni, the polynesian super-fruit, may be a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. Also, noni may be a help to skin issues and joint pain. This is an extremely bitter fruit and is best taken in capsules or in a sweetened liquid form. Vh nutrition uses an ultra potent form of noni extract to provide peak effectiveness without needing a large amount. Reduce inflammation noni’s potent natural compounds help the body to reduce joint inflammation and can improve some arthritis symptoms. Improve immunity our natural potent noni extract contains anti-oxidants that combat free radicals in the body – a major contributor to illness. Boost skin health noni has been shown to improve skin tone and help fight the unwanted effects of aging and sun exposure. Improve digestion noni can sooth digestive irritation,help promote optimal digestive health and increase nutrient absorption.

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