Neotea Palm Candy Panakarkandu Milk Mix, 250G


Ingredients: palmyrah candy powder, dry ginger, black pepper, thippli, clove, cardamom
Direction for use: take one cup of hot milk add 2 teaspoon of neotea palmyrah candy mix powder mix and have a healthy drink
Pure with organic fragrance
Package content: 1 palm candy panakarkandu milk mix

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Health benefits: panakarkandu paal (palm sugar candy milk) is used as a home remedy for cold and cough it is a good source of vitamin b1, b2, b3, b6 and b12. It being rich in iron helps to treat anemia. Palm sugar being low in the gi helps to cure pcos problem in women. Palm sugar is thermogenic that it takes more energy for the body to burn it. There by it increases metabolism. Palm candy with water quenches thirst. Palm candy with milk relieves urinary trouble, urinary tract infection and heat. Palm candy in warm milk with pepper and turmeric powder acts as a goody remedy for sore throat and ear pain

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