Neotea Peepal Tree Fruit Powder Arasam Pazham Ficus Religiosa 300gm


>100 percent pure and natural
>Good for health,strengthening blood capillaries and minimising inflammation
>Organic by nature
>Package content: 1 peepal tree fruit powder arasam pazham ficus religiosa

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Ficus religiosa is a large dry season deciduous or semi evergreen tree up to 30 metres tall and with a trunk diameter of up to 3 metres . The leaves are cordate in shape with a distinctive extended drip tip; they are 10–17 cm long and 8–12 cm broad, with a 6–10 cm petiole. Seeds are dispersed by various birds. The seeds can even germinate on other trees. If peepal is growing on other tree, it just rely on anchorage and does not take any nutrition from supporting tree. Pipal is not a parasitic tree. The nutrition is obtained from air, deposited material and rain.Seeds are cooling, refrigerant, laxative and alterative. Botanical name : ficus religiosa english name : sacred fig tamil name : arasam palam hindi name : aswattha beej malayalam name : a rayal/pippalam telugu name : pippalamu

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